Recent Published Research on Parents and Family in Emerging Adulthood

June 20, 2016 10:16 AM | Anonymous

We are halfway through 2016, and so far it has been a great year for research on parents and family in emerging adulthood! Here is a summary of studies published this year that are of interest to our topic network. Click on the journal names below for a link to each study.

Bosch et al. have a paper in press at Emerging Adulthood that suggests that parents play a role in the development of financial identity in emerging adults.

In a paper at Journal of Child and Family Studies, Portner & Riggs report evidence that parent-child relationships set the stage for sibling relationship functioning in emerging adulthood.

Also at Journal of Child and Family Studies, Kwon et al. present novel research exploring the construct of helicopter parenting in a sample of emerging adults in Korea.

Also at Journal of Child and Family Studies, McClelland & McKinney report that emerging adults’ perceptions of their parents’ psychopathology and parenting behavior contribute to emerging adults’ disruptive behavior.

In a study published at Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, I found that the link between parent depressive symptoms and emotional adjustment was contingent on emerging adults’ physiological reactivity to stress.

In a study published in Eating Behaviors, my research group presents evidence that parent psychological control, emerging adult coping behavior, and physiological stress reactivity interactively contribute to risk for disordered eating in college students.
In a paper at Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, Stanger et al. found that parent socialization of coping interacts with age of onset of alcohol use and physiological stress reactivity to predict heavy drinking in college students.

Finally, in a paper at Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Wagner & Abaied found that the link between parent psychological control and relational aggression in emerging adults varied as a function of psychophysiology. 
This study received some attention from a number of media outlets – for a discussion of how the media covered this paper, please see a commentary I published on

Do you know of any other studies that should be added to this list? If so, please email me at and I will add them!

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