Child Maltreatment during Emerging Adulthood

May 15, 2018 4:18 PM | TN Chairs (Administrator)

Our lab researches psychological and physical maltreatment by parents against emerging adult children over the past 12 months, as reported by emerging adults using the Conflict Tactics Scale: Parent-Child Version (CTSPC; Straus et al., 1998). We are finding that emerging adult children are endorsing that their parents are committing psychological and physical maltreatment against them.

Sample characteristics include N = 2,374, 18-25 years old (M = 18.85), 67.9% female, 74.1% White, 20.5% African American, attending college, 80% two-parents living together, >50% mothers and fathers with > bachelor’s degree, and 95% reporting frequent parental contact.

Self-report is one of several valid methods of gathering data, with some researchers positing that perception is reality, although it is undoubtedly subject to limitations and biases (e.g., depressed children reporting more severe and more frequent negative occurrences) that must be considered.

With that caveat, what are your thoughts on the prevalence of items reported below? What other literature/citations are you aware of that investigates this topic in emerging adults? 

Please send me your ideas for blogs, including sharing your own research!

Cliff McKinney, Associate Professor, Mississippi State University,

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