Blog space and Google drive options for R&S Topic Network Members

May 23, 2016 3:35 PM | Carolyn Barry

Thanks so much for signing up to be part of this topic network. We have taken great feedback from many of you who attended the October SSEA Conference to make this network as useful to you as possible.


To this end, we offer (a) this blog space (within the SSEA website), and (b) a google drive where relevant documents (e.g., published papers, list of members) can be uploaded and shared (see below).


Blog space. All members can make posts and respond to each other's posts. We envision this space to be used for a variety of formats:
a) professional announcements (upcoming conferences, grant proposals, special issues)
b) a call to organize and/or invite fellow religion and spirituality researchers to organize symposia for upcoming conferences, grant proposals, special issues for journals, etc.
c) a call for any teaching materials, assignments, syllabi concerning emerging adults' religiousness and spirituality
d) blog entries that all topic network members contribute.  Such entries should be roughly 150-300 words and could range from 
     --providing an abstract of a research project in which you're currently working to share your work
     --summarizing a scholarly article on the topic that was useful to you, providing a commentary on the state of the field of emerging adults' religion and spirituality
     --providing a link to a current event or popular news story (e.g., New York Times) that connects to our topic
     --sharing a useful classroom activity or assignment on this topic


You can post the blog directly after registering  for SSEA and this topic network by contacting

      **** HOWEVER - We also invite you to submit a blog asap to us (, as we'd like to be able to have new posts every two weeks, if possible.

We ask that all blog entries be respectful and inclusive to all members. Posts are not a forum to proselytize about worldviews, but rather to share our science, how our science in this area connects to our teaching and the world around us. Where appropriate, please include your name, affiliation, and email.

Google drive. In addition to this blog space we have created a google drive for all members. This drive is designed to be a filing system for useful measures and publications to our topic on emerging adults' religiousness and spirituality, as well as membership.

We encourage you to upload your publications and others that you have found useful to this site.

In addition, in the membership list in the Drive please provide key research terms within the membership excel spreadsheet to facilitate professional networking among members. Explanations how to access the google drive will be sent in a separate email.

Finally, we ask that you send this link to the blog post to other colleagues who do research in this area and encourage them to join the topic network. If others are not already part of this network but would like to be, please have them contact All topic network members must also be members of SSEA.


Carolyn Barry, Ofra Mayseless, and Meredith Hope

Religion and Spirituality Topic  Network Chairs

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