Religion and Spirituality Preconference Announced!

March 02, 2017 9:41 AM | Carolyn Barry

SSEA Pre-conference Workshop, Thursday, November 2, 2017, Washington DC, Pre-conference Session 4

Theme: Emerging Adults’ Meaning-Making
Hosted by: Religion and Spirituality Topic Network (R&S TN)
Scheduled Time: 12:00 – 17:00

Session Description:
This pre-conference workshop will focus on connecting emerging and established scholars and practitioners who are interested in meaning-making processes during emerging adulthood, broadly construed. Taking an innovative approach to traditional conference formats, we propose to organize this workshop around the interests of our network. Our primary goal is to facilitate deliverable outcomes from participating in the workshop, in the form of direct contributions to publications, grants, literature reviews, practice, and ideas in formation for subsequent SSEA workshops. The theme for this workshop is meaning-making during emerging adulthood; the specific topics are open and to be built around the interests of our network. We welcome submission types in five forms: workshops on manuscripts in progress, grant working groups, critical dialogs, practice seminars, and planning sessions for SSEA 2019. These submission types are described further below. We welcome scholars, practitioners, and religious leaders interested in religion, spirituality, and meaning-making during emerging adulthood.

Submission Types**
a. Manuscript Workshops – submissions received for manuscript drafts in progress, arranged by topic for informal discussion, akin to roundtables but with emphasis placed on discussions
b. Grant Working Groups – submissions received for calls for grant proposals, arranged by topic for informal discussion of ideas in progress and in formation for collaborative grants
c. Critical Dialogs – submissions received for critical dialogs focused on a single or pair of journal articles or book chapters, panelists prepare comments on the reading(s)
d. Practice Seminars – submissions received for best practices for work with emerging adults, arranged by topic for discussions on implementing research-based practice
e. Planning SSEA 2019 – submissions received for ideas on keynote speakers, panels, workshop, and other session ideas for the next SSEA in 2019

We will receive submissions for the pre-conference workshop through an early submission due date and a final submission due date. The first due date is to provide submitters with early consideration and acceptance notification, and the final due date is to allow longer duration for submitters to develop innovative, creative, and/or collaborative submission ideas.
• Early Submission Due Date: July 1, 2017
• Final Submission Due Date: September 1, 2017
• Link to Submit Pre-conference Workshop Ideas: 

Potential Speakers: TBA (workshop speakers will be based on network submissions)

Workshop Organizers:
• Patricia Snell Herzog, PhD - University of Arkansas,
• Ofra Mayseless, PhD - University of Haifa,

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