Resources for Teaching about Sexuality and Romance

April 02, 2015 9:05 AM | Shannon Claxton

As researchers, many of us work very hard to share our hard earned knowledge with students in the classroom. Unfortunately, it can often be challenging to translate the research we love so much into a presentation that students find interesting (especially when competing with the draw of the internet, apps, and texting). How many of you have spent precious time searching the internet for the perfect video, assignment, activity, etc. for your class? I have spent a lot of time doing just that, and for today’s blog post I wanted to compile a list of some of the resources I have discovered during those quests.  Although this list is by no means comprehensive, these are the resources I have found most helpful for teaching about sexuality and relationships. Some you may already be aware of, some you may not, but hopefully this list gives you a place to start the next time you want to find a way to bring research into the classroom in an engaging and interesting way.

  1. The Science of Relationships. If you don’t already know about this site you should!  It is packed full of information about romantic and sexual relationships (e.g., definitions of sex, bisexuality myths, and the 3rd date rule  just to name a few!). Based on research but written for lay understanding, it is a great source for videos, funny pictures, short articles, and general ideas about topics, and often includes references to popular media (e.g., this article about the marriage of Marge and Homer Simpson). They also have a special section devoted to teaching classes like intimate relationships and human sexuality, including ideas for writing assignments.
  2. Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology – Attraction and Relationships. This site is maintained by Jon Mueller at North Central College and includes resources for teaching social psychology, including this section on attraction and relationships. It contains ideas for student activities and exercises, ideas for assignments as well as audio and video resources and examples of key concepts.
  3. BBC The Science of Love has information on the science of love including the science of flirting and the language of love (note this page is no longer updated).
  4. Psychology Today Relationships.  Contains posts about relationship related material as well as links to a number of great relationship blogs by prominent relationship researchers.
  5. The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) has great resources regarding sex education.
  6. Both the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American College Health Association - National College Health Assessment (ACHA-NCHA) are great resources for stats around sexual health.

In addition, here are some general teaching resources that include information on sexuality/romance:

  1. The Society for the Teaching of Psychology. Although some resources are for members only, this site has a number of teaching resources available to anyone, including sample syllabi and handouts and the Idea Exchange (ToPIX) which includes activities, lecture topics, video resources, songs,  and current events linked to topics (including gender/sexuality).
  2. Mypsychstuff blog. Includes links to youtube videos about a number of topics, including sexuality and romance
  3. The example pages. These pages include short descriptions of several topics as well as examples from popular media.
  4. TED Talks  and TedED. TED includes a number of great talks and articles about sexuality. Take it one step further at TedED which allows you to build a lesson around any TED talk or youtube video. You can also use lessons created by others.
  5. APS teaching the science of psychology and the APS Video Archive. The APS offers a number of resources for teaching psychology, including an archive of videos.

Do you have a favorite resource you don’t see on this list? Please share in the comments!

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