Culturally Diverse Research with Emerging Adults

July 25, 2018 2:15 PM | TN Chairs (Administrator)

This post is about efforts to conduct culturally diverse research with parents and families of emerging adults. Below I share a few experiences relevant to the topic and then ask for you to share your thoughts.

Laura Williams, a master’s student in cultural sustainability at Goucher College, contacted me to encourage discussion for pre-conference topics on how parents can better support children through emerging adulthood by using the research process itself. Through conducting interviews and focus groups with transnational and transracial adoptees, Laura has found that these participants in her research gained the confidence to engage their parents in difficult conversations about race and adoption, thus contributing to social change.

Ohad Nahum, a clinical psychologist from Israel, contacted me to encourage discussion for pre-conference topics related to working with parents of emerging adults who remain dependent on their parents. Ohad described these individuals as a distinctive subgroup of individuals who do not gain independence or maintain productive lifestyles. Such individuals may be underrepresented in the literature given the relative difficulty of connecting with them.

Psi Chi’s Network for International Collaborate Exchange (NICE; started a project titled Connecting Students and Faculty across the Globe to Study Cross Cultural Questions. I understand the goal of their group is to connect researchers with each other so that data may be collected across culturally diverse sites both nationally and internationally. Mary Rogers, a student working with me, submitted a proposal to NICE. We hope to investigate how the Olson (2000) Family Circumplex Model generalizes across cultures.

What practices or research are you conducting to consider these and other culturally diverse factors? What are your ideas about the current state of practice and research in addressing these factors? What more can be done to make further progress?

Please share your thoughts about our efforts to conduct culturally diverse practice and research with emerging adults and their parents and families by responding directly to this post or emailing me directly at

-Cliff McKinney