Welcome to the Topic Network Romantic Relationships

April 09, 2015 5:59 AM | Deleted user

Dear colleagues,

To promote research on important topics in emerging adulthood the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood (SSEA) has initiated a series of Topic Networks (TNs). Romantic Relationships is one of the new TNs. The goal of the Topic Networks is to bring together colleagues who have common interests in a specific area of emerging adulthood research or practice. The activities of the Topic Networks will depend on the ideas of the members, but may include, for example, sharing draft manuscripts for comments and suggestions; collaborating on papers and grants; sharing best practices for direct work with emerging adults; letting members know about important recent articles; collaborating on symposia to submit to an SSEA conference or related conferences; or working together to organize a preconference session.

Dr. Rongqin Yu, at the Utrecht University, The Netherlands and Jennifer Connolly at York University, Canada, I are the co-chairs of the topic networks. As a start, we have set up a blog on young adults’ romantic relationships. Drawing on the newest scientific findings, the blog will be a forum where we discuss “hot” issues such as open relationships or romance prohibition in the workplace.

In addition, we would like to seize the opportunity to announce that, in collaboration with the Sexuality TN we are planning a Preconference Workshop to be held in Miami, on October 13th, 2015, the day before the opening of the SSEA 2015 Conference. We hope you will be able to attend.

To join the Romantic Relationships TN please contact the SSEA Coordinator, Megan Patterson, coordinator@ssea.org. Please note you must become a member of SSEA to join the TN.

Warm regards,

Prof. Dr. Jennifer Connolly and Dr. Rongqin Yu