Will you be my….research paradigm?

February 13, 2015 12:27 PM | Shannon Claxton

February is a month in which sexuality and romance are particularly prominent. It seems like there are heart shaped boxes of candy, bouquets of red flowers, and Valentine’s Day cards everywhere you look. Thus, this month may be of particular interest to individuals studying sexuality during emerging adulthood. Despite this draw, there is relatively little research specifically focusing on this topic. There is research examining, for example, the types of gifts men and women want (perhaps not shockingly men want sex, women want jewelry), feelings regarding Valentine’s Day and its purpose, and evidence that relationships may be particularly unstable after Valentine’s Day.

However, sexuality researchers could ask a number of additional questions about this holiday. For example, are singles more likely to engage in casual sex during this time period? Do rates of unprotected sex increase on Valentine’s Day compared to other days? And importantly, which Valentine’s Day card should you actually choose if you want to impress a potential partner?

What additional questions could this romance based holiday help us answer?